eBook Devotional NOW AVAILABLE

I’m so pumped to share my very first eBook Devotional here on The Thistlette.

This first eBook will be part of a larger series called A Week for Women. Each eBook will cover a specific topic that is affecting women globally and how we as Christians can understand, pray, question, act, and create in response.

The eBooks will look at each issue through the lens of Christian Feminism and Egalitarian Theology. If you have an interest in or a desire to learn about:

The Wage Gap
Human Trafficking
and Salvation as they relate to women in our world then subscribe to the blog to stay up to date on all the future installments of A Week for Women.

It is my prayer that this eBook will educate and inspire those with a heart for the protection and deliverance of women and girls to align themselves with God’s heart and cause in bringing peace to the world.

Each chapter will contain 5 guiding “tools for change”: Education, Prayer, Questions, Action, and Creativity. Because it’s not enough to learn, pray and forget. We must think, do, and create to install lasting change in our lives and the lives of others.

Click on the EBOOK DEVOTIONAL page and feel free to download your copy of the first installment of A Week for Women. 



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