9 Thoughts Christian Women Have About Periods

Ladies, if you’ve read Genesis or passed the age of 14 then you are probably all too familiar with what I mean by “the curse“. That once a month appointment where Eve becomes your least favorite biblical character and chocolate becomes an honorary fruit of the spirit. I’m talking about menstruation. 

We all know the struggle, and unfortunately, we all know the stigma as well. Around the globe, women are shamed, restricted, and stereotyped due to a lack of education and understanding of the female menstrual cycle. One of my goals as a Christian Feminist is to help reverse the harmful narrative around menstruation. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. I know, it’s hard to believe when you’re bloated and cramping, right? But we are. Let’s not let the culture dictate a normal process of the female body. Let’s take joy in the capstone of creation (the female body). And let’s speak openly about the facts and struggles of being a woman.


1. When your period is late but the most intimate thing you’ve done is hold hands during prayer.
“Sweet baby Jesus….am I Mary? I think I might be Mary.”



2. When the sermon is about being “Washed in the blood” and all you can think about is your sheets. 




3. When you’re having cramps and Paul is over there in 2 Corinthians like, “I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.”
You: Yeah…. tell me more about how that sucks for you.Menstruation


4. When Rachel is all up in Genesis 31:35 like: “I cannot stand up because the manner of women is upon me.”

#SAME #ImWithHer



5. Book you read while ovulating: Song of Solomon
Book you read on day one of your period: LAMENTATIONS 



6. Pastor: “When Christ returns the saints will be clothed in white.”

You: “Ooooo, this week isn’t good for me then.”




7. You: *sneezes*
Church friend: “Bless you!”
You: “You don’t even know…”



8. Holy Grail? Yeah, I got one of those.



9. Youth Leader: “How does Christ cleanse our stains?”
You: Cold water and Oxyclean.
Youth Leader: ….
You: I mean…. salvation?


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Menstruation is an international language amongst women. It connects us in a sisterhood that surpasses the limits of geography, language, or culture. When we destigmatize menstruation, we make a better world for women everywhere.

What do you think about on your period? Share in the comments!
Pass this list on to your friends to spread knowledge and hopefully a few laughs as well. If you want to learn more about Menstruation and Christianity you can download my eBook Devotional on the subject. The free download includes a pattern for sewing your own reusable pads!

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