Which Feminist Costume Should You Wear?

Halloween will be here before you can say, “Sexy cat!”  If you’re still trying to figure out your costume, but every time you see this hell scape of sexism you want to scream in terror:

feminist costumes

We’ve got a helpful list of feminist costume ideas to inspire you to greatness. Plus, since I’m all about treats with none of the tricks, you can take my Buzzfeed quiz, Which Feminist Costume Should You Wear, to find your perfect fit.

Let’s Get Spooky!

1. A Candy Bar

feminist costumeThis one may not seem very scary or particularly feminist, but your shouldn’t judge by a wrapper. The chocolate industry (Nestle, Mars, Hershey, Cadbury, and others) allow children to be trafficked and forced to harvest cocoa beans on plantations in Africa. Check out The Dark Side of Chocolate for more info. Rock this costume to raise awareness for the need for fair trade policies and ethical harvesting. BONUS: Be the house that passes out non-conflict items such as fair trade chocolate, organic candies, and small goodies from local businesses.

2. A Suffragette

feminist costume Our daughter’s daughters will adore us and they’ll sing in grateful chorus! With a historic election nearing its end, the right for women to vote is definitely worth celebrating. Dig through a thrift store to find a great vintage outfit and you can’t go wrong. BONUS: If you’re registered to vote and proud of it.

3. A Ghostbuster

feminist costumeBecause there will be plenty of ghosts and trolls to bust out there in life. The Ghostbusters reboot caused a lot of monsters to come out from under the bed and saw a Twitter attack so brutal it drove me to tears. Leslie Jones experienced some serious hate crimes after her involvement in the film. If anything speaks about the need for intersectional feminism, it’s this. BONUS: Get some friends together and have a ghost busting squad ready to take down the ghoulish patriarchy.

4. A Girl With A Book

feminist costume As the eloquent Malala Yousafzai says, “Extremists have shown what frightens them most: a girl with a book.” Over 2/3 of the world’s illiterate population are women. And if an educated and curious lady boss is what puts the fear into extremists and oppressors of the vulnerable then I say, okay ladies now let’s get information. BONUS: pass out mini books to all the little kiddos at your doorstep, or carry your favorite around as your prop!

5. A Cat Caller
feminist costumeThe perfect answer to the sexy cat overload. If you’ve ever felt the terror that grips women around the world at being accosted on the street by a total stranger, then you know this costume is as scary as they come. BONUS: While wearing this, be supportive of girls you see rocking their sexy cat costumes. It’s never cool to put down your sisters!

6. A Witch

feminist costumeThroughout history, women who didn’t behave “properly” have been called witches and worse. It’s still an insult you hear today outside the month of October. But not to fear, witches get stuff done. Rock your witchiest look this Halloween with a cackle as you continue to be magic. BONUS: Dressing as Hermione Granger definitely counts since she was the brightest witch of her age.

7. Olympic Goddesses

feminist costume Could there be anything more iconic than this team of athletes? The Rio games brought us plenty of new stars to shine in our lives and plenty of great costume goals! All you need is a fake medal and some workout clothes. BONUS: Rep female athletes from other countries! Remember Fu Yuanhui?!


Now It’s Your Turn!

Which costume is right for you? Click the image to take my Buzzfeed Quiz to find out! 

feminist costume

Have a great Halloween everyone! Have fun and make it fun for others. Feel free to share your costume ideas in the comments or on our Facebook page! Don’t forget to subscribe for your free mini devotional on my website homepage! 

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