Ways You Can Make An Isaiah 1:17 Difference


Isaiah 1:17

Make an Isaiah 1:17 Difference with this Checklist

Click the graphic to download and print the checklist above to guide you through making an Isaiah 1:17 difference in your world. Isaiah 1:17 is one of my favorite verses and comes to my heart often when I feel punched down by the world.

Isaiah 1:17

Breaking Down Each Point

I thought I would offer some helpful tips on why I included each item and ways you can accomplish them. Check out the breakdown below for ideas! Feel free to add your own ways to make an Isaiah 1:17 difference in the comment section. 

Learn To Do Good

Take Online Courses: If your passionate about doing good in the world, start with learning from those at the front lines. Check out this list of FREE online courses you can take on Human Rights issues such as trafficking, slavery, conflict resolution, and peace building.

Get Training: Seek out the organizations in your community that are ‘doing good’ and ask to work with them. A quick search of your area is sure to reveal a group you can become involved in that offers training to help you learn to do good as a community volunteer.

Ask the Right Question: “How can I help?” is what I like to call the Isaiah 1:17 question. Ask others where they are hurting and then learn how you can help. This can apply to your close relationships, your city, country, or world. Make this question your mantra and ask it often.

Seek Justice

Fair Trade: Avoid food, clothing, and other items that contribute to unjust practices. Try shopping local or using sites like Global Girlfriend when making purchases. 

Call on Leaders: Don’t shy away from signing petitions, writing letters, and tweeting to leaders locally and globally. When you hear about an instance of injustice, make sure those in power hear about it as well. 

Register to Vote: Use your vote to elect fair judges in your city and have your say on the laws that impact those around you. The election season may have just ended but it’s still a great time to get yourself (and everyone you know) registered for the next one

Help the Oppressed

Identify Oppressed Groups: Work with a friend or do your own research to create a list of oppressed groups in your neighborhood. Some suggestions? The homeless, ethnic minorities, religions other than Christian, young women, Single parents, those living in poverty, people in the LGBT community, Immigrants, the elderly, etc. etc. etc. etc. . . 

Act of Kindness: Once you identify the groups, do an act of kindness to show your support. This could be letting your local Mosque know you support their freedom of religion. It could also mean donating, visiting with people, sending a card, praying for/with, or any number of things your brain is just waiting to think up! 

Share with Friends: I don’t want to encourage that you do something for the approval of others. But if you find a creative way that blesses the oppressed in your neighborhood I absolutely encourage you share it. Strive to inspire others to action, not to glorify yourself. 

Defend Orphans

Become/Support Foster Parents: Becoming a foster parents is a worthy goal! Look into what it takes to become on in your state. If it’s not something you feel you can manage at this time, look for ways to support the people who can. This could mean offering babysitting, helping with Christmas gifts, buying school supplies, whatever you can think up!

Sponsor a Child: Do it yourself of ask a friend (or two or five) to join with you to sponsor a child in need. Compassion International, World Vision, and Save the Children are all ways you can make a difference. 

Become a Child Advocate: This could look many different ways, but the way I recommend is to become a Court Appointed Child Advocate. Once you complete the training you will be able to volunteer your time to advocate for children in the system who need someone on their side. 

Fight for Women’s Rights

Donate: Find the nearest women’s shelter to you and call them up to ask what they need. (You can probably email them too if your social anxiety just leapt at the world call.) In my experience, donations of tampons, pads, diapers, professional clothing, and books are always welcome. Check out my eBook Devotional on Menstruation for a pattern to make reusable pads you can donate! 

Encourage: Know a female leader? Send some encouragement her way! Don’t know a female leader? Find one. Encourage her. Become one yourself since there is obviously a shortage in your area. 😉

Tutor or Mentor: Find a program that allows you to tutor young women. Be a Big Sister or help an immigrant learn English one day a week. Do discipleship with a young woman in your church or read to an elderly woman. What might it look like for you? 

Keep Me Posted!

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