From Ruth to Rahab: Fair Trade Valentine’s Gifts

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Happy Fair Trade Valentine’s Day

I’m so excited for Valentine’s Day. It could have something to do with being married to a man who is tops at romantic gestures, but overall I just love the holiday. Interesting history, swatches of red and pink, corny cards, and candy are just a few of my favorite things on Earth.

To celebrate, I thought I would share some Fair Trade Valentine’s gifts in a fun way. I’ve gathered together all of these adorable gifts into galleries based on famous women from the Bible. If you consider yourself more of a Junia, or fancy you take after Queen Esther, then scroll down and see how your tastes match up!

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Disclaimer: These products are made by the global artisans of Ten Thousand Villages, my affiliate. That means when follow my links I will get a percentage of the sale. But don’t worry! There’s no cost to you. Just support for me! 

Ruth – the lover

The story of Ruth and Boaz is one of the most famous biblical love stories. I adore these sweet gifts for the romantics. My favorite is the red sweetheart earrings though. They remind me of cinnamon red hots and are so dainty!

Fair Trade Valentine's

Sweetheart Earrings – $18.00

Lovebirds Cinnamon Box – $12.99

Hold Tight Couple – $10.00

Kiss & Hug Necklace – $24.99

Eve – the lady of Eden

The character Eve probably didn’t rock too many accessories when she was covering herself with fig leaves, but if she had I imagine they would look like these. That mug is calling my name!

Fair Trade Valentine's

Garden of Thoughts Headband – $12.00

Leaf & Branch Mug – $18.99

Gold Leaf Bracelet & Earrings – $24.99

Junia – the leader

Junia earns a shoutout from Paul for being a standout leader in the early church. I’ve tried to capture her missional and lady boss vibe with these gift ideas. That candleholder has sand from the holy land in the glass. I feel like she would approve.

Fair Trade Valentine's

All Nations Necklace -$39.99

Block Print Journal – $12.00

Holy Land Sands Candleholder – $34.99

Patterned Adventure Bag – $29.99

Priscilla – the partner

Ten Thousand Villages had so many great couple’s options I immediately thought of Priscilla and Aquila. I’m already dropping hints about the Tea for Two set, but that robe is made with traditional block printing techniques that are freaking impressive! Hm, both.

Fair Trade Valentine's

Couples Block Print Robes – $69.99

Tea For Two – $49.99

Keep & Give Necklace Set – $29.99

Unity Spiral Earrings – $39.00

Rahab – the redeemed

I love the redemption story of Rahab. Some people like to refer to her as just a prostitute (ignoring the systemic issues that likely forced that title on her at the time) and forget the rest. Saved by her bravery and crimson cord; she shows up in the genealogy of Christ as the mother of Boaz! This Twist of Fate necklace has the perfect name for her collection.

Fair Trade Valentine's

Red & Gold Teardrop Earrings – $24.99

Talisman Scarf – $39.99

Twist of Fate Necklace – $29.99

Fair Flowers Headband – $12.00

Esther – the leading lady

Am I allowed one “YAS QUEEN!” here? I think so. Queen Esther went down in history for her bravery and beauty. I love everything gold for her because she is priceless. The necklace may be named Queen of the Nile, but she’s queen of my heart always.

Fair Trade Valentine's

Queen of the Nile Necklace – $39.99

Golden Way Evening Bag – $36.75

Ancient Echoes Ring – $16.00

Her Majesty’s Bell – $24.50

Loving these gift ideas? Check out even more amazing Fair Trade Valentine’s Gifts and more at Ten Thousand Villages online or in store. They employ artisans around the world and promote ethical trade with every sale. If you want to gift your Boo right, avoid the mass marketing and pick something that comes from the heart.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day with your lovebugs, partners, and spouses. I’ll be the one eating fair trade chocolate and trying not to laugh or cry through a (painful) Chinese massage. The things we do for love!

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