A Day Without A Christian Feminist Woman

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March 8th will be just another day; if you’re a man. For us ladies, however, it’s a day of recognition for the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our society. The organizers of the Women’s March On Washington are calling for women to make their voices, contributions, and worth known by participating in A Day Without A Woman.

Women everywhere will be raising awareness for issues that impact women and girls worldwide. If you’re a Christian, a feminist, a woman, or any combination of the three, your participation matters.

Christian Feminist Woman
Artist, Katy Aleshire, marching in the St. Louis Sister March. Check out her designs here!

How To Participate

Check out my list of ways you can join and let your actions speak on the Day Without A Woman.


Take the day off from both paid and unpaid work. That could mean using a vacation day or not leading homeschool classes that day. The idea is to make your presence missed to call attention to the women we take for granted.

Shop Smart, If At All

If possible, avoid shopping. One of the great tools of social change is our spending habits. The buying power of women in America is a force we can use, despite the wage gap, with great power. When the average woman’s period costs her $18,171 in her lifetime, even one day of united rest from spending can make a difference. [1]

If you must shop, try buying from women-owned and/or fair-trade businesses. A  Christian Feminist woman uses her dollar like a vote for the kingdom God is building.

Wear Red

Probably one of the simplest ways you can participate is by wearing red. This show of solidarity is easy for those unable to skip work or shopping. It might seem like a small gesture but the more small gestures that happen the more big changes we can achieve.

Pray and Speak

As a Christian Feminist Woman, you are called to be voices for the voiceless and to amplify the stifled. Moving beyond the cliché of “thoughts and prayers” into proactive prayer is one way we can accomplish these goals. Call together the women in you life for a time of prayer for the overlooked. Speak to and about women who you see being passed over in your circle and the world.

Address your representatives, your faith leaders, your friends, and strangers. Call through prayer and petition for the women in need.

Remember Forgotten Women

#SayHerName is an example of a movement reflecting our societal tendency to overlook women, especially women of color. Use your Day Without A Woman to educate yourself on the women we’ve been conditioned to ignore. Remember those sold into sex slavery. Reflect on those who go unnoticed due to skin color, ethnicity, and gender. Hold the ones told to be meek and never told that they matter in your hearts.

Read stories of forgotten women, seek them out, petition on their behalf, etc. To learn about some Forgotten Women of the Bible, you can download my free mini devotional on forgotten biblical women using the sign-up box to the right. –>

A Note On Privilege

During the marches, you probably heard arguments against participating. People said the marchers needed to get jobs. They said American women should quit whining while women elsewhere have it worse. As participants in A Day Without A Woman, we must recognize our privileges, but this does not silence us.

If you are lucky enough to take a day off without fear of termination, you have privilege. When showing your distress doesn’t cause you to be seen as angry or violent based on the color of your skin, you have privilege. If you have the means to shop fair-trade, use your voice online, or even wear a special outfit for the day, you most definitely have privilege.

The key to dealing with our privilege is to recognize it and use it to amplify those without it.

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I’m A Christian. Why Should I Participate In Some Liberal Protest?

Sometimes our hearts ache for causes where we don’t feel welcomed. If you’re a conservative, republican, or someone who balks at being called a feminist, it doesn’t mean you don’t understand the struggles of women in the world.

I welcome you to the conversation and hope that you feel comfortable crossing the aisle in this case. Why? Because caring for others doesn’t have a party affiliation. Seeking justice, defending the oppressed, helping the orphan, and pleading for women isn’t an issue of red versus blue.

If you can’t get behind the Day Without A Woman politically, there are plenty of reasons to support it spiritually. Jesus doesn’t need your vote; he needs your voice, your heart, and your love for his daughters. Being a Christian Feminist Woman doesn’t belong solely to those on the other side of the aisle.

Resources For The Activist Christian Feminist Woman

  • Download A Letter To Your Employer To Ask Off Work
  • Educate yourself on gender-based discrimination with this face sheet from Amnesty International
  • Listen to one of my favorite sermons ever on The Invisible Black Woman

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