8 Must-Listen Podcasts For Christian Feminists

I’m a bit of a podcast nut. I latch onto the ones I love and binge-listen to as many as possible all day like it’s the soundtrack to My Life: The Musical. Since most of my favorites all center on Christian Feminism, I thought I would share them here so you all can join in my obsession. Check them out below and leave me a comment if you see one of your favorites!

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Podcasts for Christian Feminists
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#8. Feathers: Faith in Flight

If you’re someone who enjoys reading biographies, or listening to new friends sharing their testimonies; Feathers is going to excite you. Amy J. Bennett hosts a new guest each week to share their story of following God’s call and overcoming struggles. It’s like getting to eavesdrop on that really engaging conversation happening two tables away in Starbucks (but without being a total creep).

Amy invites you in with faith focused discussions from women of all walks of life. While not “feminist” in name, the podcast offers a chorus of stories from the diverse experiences of Christian women. With my insulated Christian background, hearing these stories is crucial to understanding how other women experience faith.


Podcasts for Christian Feminists
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#7. Popaganda

Because I want my site to be a place where Christianity and Feminism meet, I like including resources that people in either camp might not go for originally. Most “good Christian girls” probably don’t subscribe to Bitch Media, but this one sure does. Popaganda is a weekly podcast that deals with feminist issues in pop culture.

Intersectionality can be a stumbling block for Christian Feminists who focus in too closely on having women seen equally in church leadership. Christian Feminism is much more than that. Listening to Popaganda helps me remember that being a Christian Feminist doesn’t end at the pulpit.


Podcasts for Christian Feminists
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#6. Heroes For Her

I’m not a mom, though I hope to adopt and/or foster at some point in my life. But for those Christian Feminist moms out there trying to raise girls in today’s society, Heros For Her is an excellent resource. The podcast is the work of Erin Weidemann. She’s the creator of Bible Belles, a line of books designed to introduce young girls to the stories of women in the Bible.

It’s basically the American Girl book series, except instead of Samantha, Felicity, and Ida you get Ruth, Esther, and Abigail! I’ve read their stories myself and LOVE the narrative they present. If you know anyone raising young women, definitely check them out.


Podcasts for Christian Feminists
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#5. Dovetail Podcast

The Dovetail Podcast is the work of Karen González and Courtney Hall Lee. They are both talented writers and advocates that I feel blessed to learn from. Their podcast is young and probably has the fewest episodes of any on this. That means they need your support! I knew about Dovetail from following Karen’s work and wanted to research it for this post. I’m so glad I did!

After listening to their episodes on self-care and the importance of representation in media for women of color, I was H.O.O.K.E.D. These women are speaking truth into action and are proudly outspoken about their intersectional, feminist faith. We could all benefit from their wise instruction and authentic hearts.

  • Recommended Episode: Represent Me
  • Average Length: 50 minutes


Podcasts for Christian Feminists
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#4. The Christian Feminist Podcast

I think this was the first ChristFem (is that a thing?) podcast I discovered. They recently added some new faces to their panel of hosts and the content has remained stellar. Each panelist is an inspiring woman of faith and feminism with an amazing set of credentials.

They discuss an eclectic mix of topics from your favorite TV shows to singleness in the church and everywhere in between. If you like My Little Pony or politics, there are episodes for you! The podcast is actually an off-shoot of the Chrisitan Humanist Podcast, which I haven’t had the chance to listen to yet. If you have, let me know what you think in the comments!

  • Recommended Episode: Women on the 20
  • Average Length: varies.


Podcasts for Christian Feminists
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#3. Ezer Uncaged

Ezer Uncaged is the work of Sarah Taras and Lauren Larkin. If you’ve been in the Christian Feminist family awhile, you are probably familiar with the term Ezer. If not, definitely take a look at this linguistic article discussing the importance of the word to biblical interpretation. The podcast itself focuses on topics such as women and Paul, why women should study theology and more. They also conduct excellent interviews with Christian Feminist bloggers and influencers, like Nate Sparks.

They are currently up to 16 episodes and still creating content that needs to be heard. I especially like their heavily biblical approach and intelligent presentation. Check out their blog as well!

  • Recommended Episode: Women and Paul (part 1 & 2)
  • Average Length: 1 hour


Podcasts for Christian Feminists
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#2. Stuff Mom Never Told You

SMNTY (as it’s called by us fangirls) was my gateway podcast. I started listening to Christen and Caroline talk about woman thangs during my first year of graduate school. And friends, it was an education. Their smart and quirky episodes soon became my go-to for every walk to school.

While it is not a religious podcast, it’s a beautiful trail mix of intersectional issues, feminist history, and scientific research commentary. I’ve learned so much about women’s history, the feminist movement, gender research, and pop culture from them and it’s been life-giving. Check them out for a trove of hundreds of episodes and let me know if you love them too!


Podcasts for Christian Feminists
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#1. Christian Feminism Weekly

I’ve mentioned this phenomenal podcast on The Thistlette before as part of my Resources For Budding Christian Feminists post. It’s run by my fellow Christian Feminist sisters Charlie Oliva and Ashley Easter who I admire and love. They chat back and forth like the great friends they are, sometimes with guests, about being a feminist of faith.

They are also both talented bloggers and advocates that are doing holy work. Ashley specifically has a heart for victims of abuse within and without the church that never fails to inspire me. Take a look at their work and be sure to follow them and show your support.

What Are Your Top Podcasts For Christian Feminists?

Did your favorite make the list or are you dying to introduce me to something I’ve missed? Tell me about it in the comment box below so we can both learn something!

I’m aware the majority of podcasts on this list don’t include women of color. I’m trying to break out of the vacuum sealed bag of white bread Christianity I’m stuck in. If you know of any I missed, please share! It can be a little difficult to find shows that not only include, but empower women of faith. Hopefully, this list will help you find your way to some content you’ll love.

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