Bible Sisters: A Year of Devotions with Women of the Bible – REVIEW

Many of today’s devotionals are marketed to women. There are devotionals for mothers, for daughters, for single women and the newly married. Often, these books are marketed on themes that patriarchal church culture has deemed appropriate for women. The realm of stay at home mother, submissive wife, stay at home daughter, etc.. Thankfully, scholars who recognize the importance and variety of women’s narratives are offering us alternatives.

Bible Sisters

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Bible Sisters: A Year of Devotions with the Women of the Bible” is a new devotional from seminary professor, pastor, and talented writer Gennifer Benjamin Brooks. She is a beloved professor at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. I’m happy to share her latest work with all of you.

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Disclaimer: I was given two copies of “Bible Sisters” to use for this review and enjoy with my own study. This post contains affiliate links.

Bible Sisters
The Rev. Dr. Gennifer Benjamin Brooks is the Ernest and Bernice Styberg Professor of Preaching and the director of the Styberg Preaching Institute at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. In both her teaching and her pastorate as an ordained elder in The United Methodist Church, she is committed to supporting women and speaking out in support of their rightful place in the realm of God and in the church.

Her past works include unflinching titles like, “Unexpected Grace: Preaching Good News From Difficult Texts” and “Black United Methodists Preach!


What To Expect In The Devo

Each day, you will encounter an unvarnished story of a woman from the Bible and engage in her history through a digestible devotion and prayer. Each page forces the reader to focus in on the stories of women often seen as background noise to the stories taught in church.

The devotionals are about a page long and consist of a passage of Scripture, a discussion of the selected passage, and a short prayer. There are 365 devotions, one for each day of the year. It is designed for use as a daily devotional, but it’s certainly easy to break that rule and read multiple pages a day.

A helpful index in the back lists all of the Biblical women and their corresponding Bible verse in an easy to find format. It’s a helpful feature for finding obscure stories easily. A second index lists the page numbers for all the Bible verses used in the book, making cross referencing that much easier.

Who Will I Read About In This Devo?

Dr. Brooks tells the stories of a diverse group of women, including the most famous women of the Bible as well as the most overlooked, such as Tryphaena and Tryphosa and other names you’ve probably never heard. I guarantee you will find multiple stories you hadn’t heard (or have been overlooking) just by cracking open the index.

Even some unnamed women capture the spotlight, such as the “Widowed Mother of a Dead Son,” and the “Woman Suffering From Hemorrhages.” Each woman, famous or obscure, has an engaging story in this book that was meant to be part of the Christian experience.

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We Must Be Taught How To See Women In The Bible

For those influenced by patriarchal church culture, we know there are many things to unlearn about our faith. One of these pervasive problems is the ability to gloss over the stories of women when studying scripture.

Since the majority of pastors and priests are male, much of our faith education comes through male-centered perspective. The story of all of humanity is told throughout the Bible. Imagine the aspects we are losing when only half of humanity is doing the homework and presentation.

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We Need Tools To Unlearn Our Biases

I’ve begun listening (almost exclusively) to female pastors in the last year. No, that’s not swinging the pendulum too far the opposite way. It’s because the bulk of my faith education comes from men. The patriarchal church closes Christians off to the voices of many female leaders. As Christian Feminists, we must learn to receive their teachings unbiased by this thinking. I struggle with internalized misogyny and learned, harmful beliefs about women’s “inability” to preach.

Devotionals like “Bible Sisters” are the tools I need to see women in the Bible and listen to their teachings. Rev. Dr. Brooks represents the many biblical scholars that we miss out on because of male-centric faith education. I’m excited to curl up with her words daily and that I get to share that experience with you!

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Bible Sisters

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