My Mission:

I want to use the talents for writing and education that I feel God has given me to be a resource for Christian Feminist women and men. And to make the idea of being a Christian and a Feminist accessible to people who only identify as one of those things. I want to educate, amuse, and challenge as many people as possible. So, how do you think I’m doing so far?

Why A Thistle:

The thistle is the flower of Scotland, my favorite country. It is hearty, well defended, and able to bloom in craggy landscapes with unforgiving elements. While most people view it as a weed that must be dug up and burnt, it is revered by the Scots for it’s strong roots and delicate blooms. The thistle has always been a symbol of strength and dignity for me (dating back to my early obsession with William Wallace and The Scottish Chiefs), which is why I have chosen it as my Christian Feminist mascot.

How long have I been a Christian Feminist:

Raised in a Christian home, I truly became a believer in high school. I come from a Complementarian background, but I became an Egalitarian in 2011 during my first year of college. In 2014 I started identifying as a Feminist during my third and final year of undergrad.


Writing, Reading, Drawing, Cat Snuggling, Sewing, Hiking, Camping, Champagne infused everything, Yoga, Boardgames, RPGs, Creating, and Traveling.

Countries I’ve Visited:

United States, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Vatican City, China, Japan


– Master’s Degree in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second/Other Language) from Southern Illinois University
– Bachelor’s Degree in English from Hannibal LaGrange University (A Southern Baptist Uni)

-Master of Divinity at Eden Theological Seminary (Currently enrolled)

Where I Write:

The Thistlette, The Lala, and China Highlights. 

Want to Write a Guest Post:

Want to have your work featured on The Thistlette? I am currently accepting submissions. Requirements: 600-1,300 words, excellent writing & grammar, and authentic voice. You can contact me via email at cheyanne(at)thethistlette(dot)com. You can also send me a direct message via The Thistlette Facebook page.

Hire Me:

If you’d like to hire me to write or edit content for your website, drop me a line at cheyanne(at)thethistlnette(dot)com. You can also check me out on LinkedIn.